Season 2 of “Memory Haven” starts soon!


“After all this time, you may have finally found a home in the dark.”

Memory Haven is a small town in the domain of Mordent. Founded by adventuring heroes, it serves as a refuge for adventurers, pilgrims, merchants, travellers and more. Its inhabitants have seen the shadows at the corners of their eyes, felt the dread of the rising mists and heard the cries of the forsaken. It takes in all, with an expectation of strict adherence to its policies, but has garnered a positive reputation across a land of otherwise conservative and fearful people. Two generations of heroes have operated in the town, a third now comes of age and begins its own era. But debts have accumulated, attentions previously distracted have shifted, and many fear the end may soon begin for the sanctuary they have clung to for so long.

Recently, the town of Memory Haven has withstood a zombie siege that left many of its greatest heroes dead or incapacitated. The town’s mayor, Buroden, has stepped down from his position. The town magistrate, Lauren is expected to soon become the new mayor but at the moment she deals with the sudden disappearance of her daughter, Imyel. In the meantime, a small group of the town’s longest serving resident’s have asked the visiting archmage Augustin to guide Memory Haven through its time of rebuilding. Before long, it becomes clear Augustin has major plans for the heroes of Memory Haven.

Intermission Season 2

The Cast
Jean-Bastien de-Montier Human Wizard (Peter)
Dain Loderr Dwarf Fighter (Dave)
Imyel – 1/2 Elf Bard (Tessa)
Eli – 1/2 Elf Druid (Glen)
Tanellia – Sun Elf Rogue (Kelsi)

Returning in Season 3…
Aldreth Kenyrathem Elf Monk (Danny)
Ailuna Elf Ranger (Casandra)

Memory Haven

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