Memory Haven

Memory Haven is the home of the characters and many of the NPCS of the campaign. It is a small village in the northern region of Mordent. It is designated as a haven and community for adventurers, both active and retired. Memory Haven
Population: 195
Mayor: Buroden Spellhammer
Trade: Farming, Adventuring Services
Notable Locals: Beverly, Lauran,Kaelek
Notable Locations: Firelight Inn, Buroden’s Library, The Armoury Forge, Temple Of Ezra

“No matter how hard you try to hide, your past will eventually find you. It has a habit of doing that here.”

Full Timeline

712: Memory Haven is founded by four adventurers including Kaelek and Buroden.
713: Augustin arrives and uses magic to construct buildings, homes and the outer wall.
715: Memory Haven is attacked by a horde of sketetons led by the necromancer William Soliune. The defenders are victorious and William retreats.
717: The Founders are recruited by Jules Weathermay to speak on his behalf at the signing of the Treaty of Four Towers. Weathermay’s wife has passed away and he is unable to go himself. The party of Buroden, Kaelek, and two other adventurers travel to each of the other 3 countries and help create the treaty. Augustin is temporarily made leader of Memory Haven in Buroden’s abscence.
718; Memory Haven’s population is now tripled from its original state.
720: Buroden and Kaelek return to Memory Haven and resume their duties.
720: The Five move into Mordent and begin adventuring. Eventually, they are invited to Memory Haven and make it their new base of operations.
720: Lauren and Caleb move into Memory Haven.
722: A group of Elves arrive from offworld and are attacked by spectral reapers outside Memory Haven. Help arrives before all the elves are slain in the form of many of Memory Haven’s great heroes. Unfortunately, Caleb is killed in the battle protecting a group of young elves. Later that night, his wife Lauran gives birth to a 1/2 Elven daughter. The elves decide to stay in Memory Haven for the time being.
726; Ganol Tknarian discoveres Memory Haven and attempts to recruit followers. He is asked to leave after a short time by Buroden and Kaelek.
727 Self proclaimed freedom fighter Reina Rowan announces her arrival in Mordent from Offworld. She sets about mostly unsuccessfully trying to incite rebellion. The Mordent population is mostly too concerned about their own lives and for the most part, no one has it so bad that there is even a desperate need to revolt. After a series of “steal from the rich, give to the poor type escapades”, Reina uses her superior weapons to take on Memory Haven. She is killed in the battle.

730 The Druid Staleese raises an army of corrupted beasts to destroy Stripen. The The Five kill enough of her animals that she surrenders and they discuss terms.
731 The Vampire Lindentine returns to Mordent and a new round of battles takes place with The Five. Once again, Lindentine is forced to flee.
732 The The Five battle Osmo. He is brought before Augustin, who sentences him to death for the killing of four residents. Surprisingly, Buroden makes a case for him to be banished and sent to prison in Mordentshire. Augustin denies this request and threatens to leave his position if the death sentence is not carried out. Beverly carries out the sentence in front of the families of the victims.
732: Eiklin leaves Memory Haven, sick of being told what to do by the older elves.
733: Augustin leaves Memory Haven. Lauran becomes new magistrate of Memory Haven.
735 A hill Giant named Dremosh is terrorizing the people of Tumbledown. After looking into it, the Five surprisingly sympathize with the hill giant and talk him out of continued raids. Dremosh turns out to be fairly docile and well meaning despite an occasional hunger for sheep.
736 Theson invites Aldreth to join him at the Edgar Monastery to begin his training.
737 After hiding on his own in the woods outside Memory Haven, Dremosh and three calibans join Staleese at the lonely Hearth.
738 Dain Loderr escapes from a dwarven death camp in Falkovnia despite heavy wounds. After being hunted across the northern Core by a Falkovnian death squad, Dain is eventually given shelter in Memory Haven.
739: Fonkin Turen and his apprentices Vaarda and Jean visit Memory Haven and stay for two weeks. Fonkin searches Buroden’s library but does not find what he is looking for and moves on shortly after. His apprentice stays behind to learn under Buroden.
739: Hammer successfully cures Ivan Dragonov of lycanthropy. Dragonov is exiled shortly after for disobeying Buroden’s edicts.
740: Kaelek steps down from his position and becomes advisor to the new Commander, Beverly
741: Edgar Monastery burns to the ground. Theson and Aldreth barely escape with their lives. They and the other survivors return to Memory Haven.
742: A wounded half drow half human stumbles into town. He has absolutely no memory of who he is or where he came from.
742; Eiklin returns to Memory Haven after years of travelling.
742: The Campaign begins!

Memory Haven

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