Memory Haven

Episode 9
The Pool of Revelations

Promo: Dain and Jean Bastien get insight into the challenges ahead of them. Eli watches his arm’s progress. Samuel hunts a killer.

Episode 7
Neither Man Nor Beast

EPISODE 7: Neither Man Nor Beast

Promo: Season 2 begins with the party separated! Imyel adjusts to her new surroundings while her former companions try to move on.

Flashback: Lauran and Imyel are in Chateaufaux, Dementleu. They are travelling to visit a seer named Mindine who lives in an unsavoury part of town. When the two women are ambushed by thugs, Lauren disposes of them efficiently with the aid of her daughter. Imyel gets a brief glimpse of the power her mother wields. They arrive at the seer’s home and are introduced to Mindine, as well as a dwarven merchant named Delaine who is searching for her family. The seer is able to show them that Delaine’s husband and sons are prisoners is Falkovinia. The news is worse for Imyel and Lauren. Mindine explains Caleb is in a place of total darkness but may one day escape. Nonetheless, he is destined to never see Lauran again. Minding believes it is Imyel who will cross her father’s path some day.

Part 1:
Memory Haven is rebuilding after the end of the Toben crisis. Many of the experienced adventures who joined the battle late are slowly leaving town and returning to their usual lives.
Lauran is expected to become the new mayor, currently she is helping with the rebuild while grieving for her daughter who mysteriously disappeared during the zombie siege. Buroden leaves town hastily and looking seriously ill. He leaves his magical staff in the care of Jean Bastien and admits he is leaving for a while, on a small quest he must undertake. Jean Bastian is troubled, but continues in his new duties as assistant to the interim leader, the wizard Augustin. Also serving as Augustin’s other assistant is Jaqen. It is revealed that she has ended her relationship with Louis Montclair. Louis, nearly finished his novel, is headed back to Port A Lucine with the protection of Drado, Ivan Dragonov, Aldreth and Eiklin. Augustin believes it is dangerous for Aldreth to stay in Mordent, after dropping Louis off at the university, the other adventures will continue north into Lamordia to seek the consultation of Baron Aubrecker.

Lord Jules Weatherman has tasked Eli with finding his son. Augustin begins making arrangements for Eli and his allies to travel far deeper into the core lands than they have travelled before.

Dain has been helping Samuel Cosse with the continued training of his Lamplighters. The specialized force performed well during the siege. Dain is aware that Samuel is very suspicious of Andilar, the new town cleric. Meanwhile, Andilar completes the ritual to regenerate Eli’s limbs. Eli is beset by strange visions and odd situations.

Dain, Jean Bastien and Eli are summoned to the library by Beverly. The library will now serve as the town’s Adventuring guild. The paladin Servrale is given the role of guild master. Besides the three adventurers, there are two other parties currently adventuring from Memory Haven. Beverly introduces them to Sera Eldon, a young cleric who’s own party was destroyed during the Tobin siege. The party chooses to investigate secret passageways recently discovered beneath the Boghun Hound Inn. Before they can leave, Eli has a strange seizure and throws up a disgusting mixture of ashes and flies in the face of Sera. He opts out of the adventure for the time being, and heads over to the Temple of Ezra to seek assistance from Andilar.

Jean Bastien, Dain and Sera leave town and cross the river. At the Boghun Hound Inn, they are greeted warmly by Linny. She tells them that two adventuring brothers have already been down in the wine cellar looking at the secret passage. After a hearty lunch, they descend into the wine cellar and make the acquaintance of the brothers Brohm and Brahm who have an assortment of rock climbing and mining equipment. The group leaves Jerrak, one of the bouncers to guard the passage. Eventually, they reach the edge of an abyss. Brohm points out that every once in a while they see a small green light flicker from somewhere far below.

The brothers set up their equipment and the party rappels down 500 feet to rough cavern floor. They make their way between stalactites and stalagmites, before coming into contact with the source of the flickering green light. It is a flaming skull that immediately blasts them with a scorching blast of heat. Jean Bastien is knocked unconscious as is Brahm. Brohm and Dain close in the skull while Sera tends to Jean and Brahm before joining the battle. They are able to destroy the skull and continue along a rough path hidden amongst the debris. After a while, they are beset by intense feelings of hopelessness. Brohm and Dain once again are the first to recover and urge the party onwards. Eventually they arrive at a temple of some kind build into the cavern wall. It is the bottom of another crevasse and reaches far above their heads. They quickly enter the two large doors and secure them behind them.

Part 2:
Imyel finds herself on an mysterious island. Has her sanity been restored only in time to see it fractured again? She is on a beach and soon discovers the survivors of a shipwreck. Among the various crew members of the sunken “Sunset Empires”, she meets two passengers as well: A knight named Ser Garran and a halfling named Tede Ofan. After a quick power struggle between the first mate, Marson and the second Mate, Daniella, two scouting parties are formed, while a third stays behind on the beach to watch over the wounded.
Imyel, Tede, Garran and crew members Russagor and Ancur head east along the beach. After a few hours they discover a number of tall stone statues on the beach staring northward to the ocean. Ser Garran lies in the shadow of one of the statues, struggling with the heat. The others continue on and eventually find a small bay on the east side of the island. The wreck of the Sunset Empires has washed deep into the bay.
Making their way across large rocks in the water, the adventurers board the destroyed ship and recover several barrels of food and provisions, along with several scimitars. Ancur volunteers to take the barrels ashore while the others head below decks. The hold of the ship is flooded, but they find the heads of some of the crew, including the captain attached to the ends of long tentacles. After a brief battle, Russagor is knocked unconscious and disappears under the water. Tede and Imyel barely escape and by the time the three make it shore, its nearing evening. As the sun begins to go down, intense tribal drumming begins somewhere in the jungle. They take shelter hidden on the beach and Imyel has a strange dream of Max. Max tries to bring her back to Memory Haven but a strange woman in a black veil captures Max and ends the dream.
The next morning, the small group travels the rest of the way back to the original encampment on the beach. Ser Garran is nowhere to be found. One of the injured crewmen perished in the night. Of Marson’s group, only one sailor makes it back to the beach, Shanty, who seems to be seriously traumatized by whatever she saw.
The survivors begin building a better encampment and defences. During their work, Tede witnesses a stranger in the jungle drop off a basket of food and a bottle of fine rum for them before disappearing in the foliage. Daniella, now the leader of the group, decides that it may be time for an incursion into the jungle.

Episode 8
Where the Wild Things are

EPISODE 8: Where the Wild Things Are.

PROMO: Life on the Island gets harder. Imyel discovers a strange connection between Markovia and…Eli?

FLASHBACK: For the last week Eli has been unable to get Imyel out of his thoughts. He is convinced the bard lives but are unable to guess what to do next. Dain has been unavailable most days, helping train the lamplighters who remained in town. Jean Bastien has been working with the new interim mayor, Augustin with city repairs. Aldreth and Ailuna have been sent away to Lamordia. It has been a lonely two weeks since the end of the Toben siege.
It is the night of the ritual. Eli has gone to the temple of Ezra. Father Andilar, Beverly and Sevrale are all present. As Father Andilar begins the ritual he brandishes a large red gem that flashes with the light from several reflected candlesticks. Eli becomes dizzy and for a second, he feels his missing arm. After a flurry of disturbing images he is transported back to a memory of his childhood.
Eli is 8 years old. He is the only child in the monastary. He lives for days like today when his father Dominic will take him into the village. After a few years of cautious interactions, two of the village children, Dane and Drel are actually willing to play with the strange child from the mountains. Dominic has already explained to Eli that the brothers and sister of the guardians require supplies. Before leaving the monastery, Dominic leads Eli in to see the elderly brother Leo, the small group’s leader.
Leo speaks gently as always. “We are proud of you Eli. Even at a young age, you show great wisdom and judgement. I see the makings of a great leader in you, i hope that someday, after I am gone from this world, you may be the one to lead our order. Dominic and the others tell me, your training is coming along quite well. I have heard you are troubled by your heritage. Fear not. Among us you are only a brother. Your mother, as you know lived, in the village for just a few years before your birth and her passing. I believe your father must be a drow from the northern land of Arak. They are rumoured to live far beneath the earth of that land. Anyways, let it trouble you know longer. This is your home, and I pray it will be always. “
An hour later, Eli and Dominic make the final decent into the village. Nestled on the side of a mountain, it is surrounded with a heavy forest reaching up from below. The first stop is the butchers. Dominic bursts into the small shop, calling out, “Markov, markov, my good man, we’re here for our usual pickup.”
A tall woman steps into the front room, “Dominic, darling. You brought little Eli with you. My husband will be out shortly. Did you make the trip just to see us?”
Dominic examines a jar sitting on a nearby shelf. He absently adds it to the assortment of other items he’s collected. “Ah, doing the rounds. We’ve got a few other stops, but I’m sure Eli wants to meet up with his friends.”
Markov finally bustles into the room. He’s always intimidated Eli a bit, standing a full 7 feet tall. He stands in the front room with a butcher’s cleaver in his right hand. “What’s this, he calls out in a boisterous voice, “Brother Dominic, come down from his home way up in the clouds. And little Eli, hello son.”
Dominic concludes his business with the butcher, as Mrs, Markov asks how Eli’s studies have been going. A short time later, Dominic and Eli leave the shop. Eli can see his two friends playing catch between two nearby houses. Dominic waves as he heads over to a nearby general store.
Half an hour later, Eli is in the midst of a game of hide and seek with his friends when he darts into the back entrance of the butcher’s home. He finds himself in a cold room, large slabs of meat hang from hooks, evenly spaced across the room. Eli walks as quietly as possible, nervously glancing at the small door leading outside. AS he backs further into the room he bumps into one of the large pieces of meat. Reaching behind himself he is shocked to feel a man’s arm hanging limply behind his back. He spins around to see the corpse of a ragged looking man hanging from a hook. Before the young half elf can scream, he backs into another corpse. He looks up into the dead eyes of Mrs Markkov. Blood dribbles from her mouth. A dozen knife wounds litter her chest. This time Eli does scream. Or at least attempts to. A rough hand covers his mouth. “Eli, my son, you’ve wandered where you don’t belong. How can I believe you won’t mention this little discovery to your friend Dominic? Now I don’t want to hurt you son. Just reassure me a little. You remember me mentioning Mrs Markov was leaving soon to visit her sister down in Barovia Village. Well that’s exactly what she did, son and don’t you tell anyone anything different. Or I’ll have to cut you up and your little playfriends too. Now Out BOY!”
Eli leaves the butcher’s back rooms in a state of shock. His friends attempt to play with him for another couple minutes before realizing he is uninterested. When Dominic finally returns to take Eli back to the monastery, the young lad is only then beginning to talk again. On the way back to the monastery, Dominc asks, “what’s wrong, Eli?” After Eli explains, Dominic returns to the monastery where he recruits some of the toughest of the guardians to return the village with him. The Butcher Markov is driven out of the village and into the forest. Dominic returns to Eli with the news.

Imyel and Ancur awoke in a wooden cage in another village, surrounded by hundereds of Broken ones in the midst of a semi religious wild rumpus. They witnessed the arrival of the broken ones leader, a hooded figure called Diosamblet. They discovered some of the missing crew in another nearby cage – Marson, Snake and Dirk.
Imyel and Ancur witnessed the terrible deaths of Snake and Dirk. The Broken ones were so focused on the rituals their master was conducting that Ancur was able to bash open the back door of the cage and the two escaped into the jungle, hearing the cries of Marson behind them. They spent most the night evading capture relying on stealth and speed to keep them ahead of the monstrosities.
Imyel and Ancur awoke in the jungle the next morning. They chose to begin making their way north in the hopes of making it back to the beach. They soon ran into Dr Fran, the islander who Ancur had previously seen in the jungle. He promised them food and safety and led them back through the jungle to his estate. There, they were reunited with Tede who had been recovering from his wounds since the previous day. Imyel explained that Marson, Dirk and Snake were all dead. Tede shared the fact he believed Little Thor to be dead. They went to dinner with Doctor Fran who introduced them to his butler Orson (of bear stock) and his Groundskeeper Felix (of snow leopard stock) as well as his ward, Delphi who grew increasingly attached to Tede. Dr Fran told them a great deal about the island, including the fact two powerful broken ones Akanga and Diosamblet ruled most of the island under the orders of an evil order of undead monks that hid in ruins to the south. Dr. Fran revealed he was trying to cure the broken ones and showed them his laboratory where they discovered Ser Garran in the midst of transformation to being a broken one. The party eventually rested for the night in the guest house. During the night, Tede awoke and looking outside, noticed Dr Fran still awake up in his room in the mansion, Tede did not notice Delphi leaving the mansion and sneaking away from the estate.
The next morning the party had breakfast in the mansion and were joined first by an exhausted Delphi and later by Dr Fran who begged them to recover the magical artifact, the Table of Life from the ruins in the south of the island. They made arrangements for Felix and Dr Fran to go north to the beach to collect the remaining sailors to keep safe at the mansion while Tede, Imyel and Ancur went south to the monastery. Dr Fran outfitted them with equipment salvaged from shipwrecks.
Tede led Imyel and Ancur through the jungle to the south and eventually found themselves in a mountainous region near the sea. They carefully ascended the cliff up to the monastery, an ancient ruin tucked into the side of the mountain. They discovered the building housing the Table of Life, but the leader of the monks engaged them in conversation before they could attack. Imyel, Tede and Ancur realized quickly that the monks were not their enemy. Imyel figured out the monks were the same order that Eli was once a part of and assured her companions of their virtue. The nine monks were undead, the cursed table of life continued to prolong their existence. They begged the party to not allow the table to fall into the hands of the Darklord of the island. Frantisek Markov was not a doctor, he was a butcher who was caught experimenting on and torturing animals and humans and driven away from his home village years ago. He was the monster Diosamblet. When the great Upheaval occurred, part of Barovia broke away and was restored in the ocean as a separate island. The monks assured the party there was no island curse or disease to catch; the broken ones existed only as a result of Markov’s experiments. Brother Leo explained the monks could be of no help to the heroes, they were confined to the monastery by the power of the table. The party left to make an alliance with the other leader of the Broken Ones, Akanga. The monks gave Imyel a gift to pass along to Eli and warned Imyel they had been betrayed by the cleric Andilar.
Imyel made contact with Akanga in the jungle. They formed an uneasy alliance upon learning Akanga meant to march upon Markov’s home. As the party walked with Akanga’s small twisted army, they realized that Akanga probably meant to kill or devour them during or after the battle. Akanga informed them that Felix was a traitor to Markov and would betray Markov during the battle. At the encampment gates, Markov and an army of his own broken ones waited. Before the fighting began, Markov revealed the twisted shapes of two of the captured sailors from the beach, Luke and Slim. The party despaired that the others may have been caught and transformed as well. The battle begun. The party took on several of the monsters while trying to keep pressure on Markov as well. Felix stabbed Markov but was thrown into the fighting. Markov disappeared into his esatate. As the battle worsened, Daniella and Gondal revealed themselves from a hiding place in the jungle, using molotovs to ignite the compound fence. As the battle raged on, Imyel used her magic to devastate the broken ones and bring down one of the compound walls. Ancur and Tede rushed into the estate with the remnants of Akanga’s army. Daniella begged Imyel to flee with her and Gondal to the east. Imyel decided she had to see the battle through and charged in after her friends. While Tede went to save Delphi from Akanga’s henchmen, Ancur had gone into the mansion to battle Markov himself. Imyel decided to join Ancur, unaware that Tede was overcome by his wounds behind the mansion. Ancur and Akanga fought Markov, Imyel joined them in time to see Akanga’s head ripped from her shoulders by the powerful Darklord. Ancur and Imyel continued to fight and Markov was forced to flee in desperation. He smashed through the bedroom window and jumped down to the courtyard below. Ancur hit him with a spear and chased him through the compound before catching up and killing Markov. Imyel hurried to the garden where she found Delphi guarding the wounded Tede with a spear taken from her attackers. As the fighting continued, the four of them slipped away. Delphi told them of a boat that Markov kept hidden on the south side of the island. The group caught up to Daniella and Gondal on the beach and found the boat. After escaping the island, the work Markov had done on Delphi to make her human began to fade. Tede bid her a tearful farewell as she transformed back into a dolphin and swam away from the boat.

Episode 4

PREVIEW: There is no time to recover. A mystery is solved. The rain comes.

The Hanging Garden

Dain has spent eight years struggling to survive in a slave mine in Falkovnia. For incite rebellion among the slaves, he has been sentenced to die the following day. One of the guards, a sympathetic Falkovnian soldier named Drado smuggles a hand axe to the dwarf while explain that the Officers plan to kill all of the slaves the following day, not just him. With help from Drado and a few other mutinous guards, many of the slaves are able to fight their way to freedom. Over the next year, many of the dwarves and elves are recaptured, but Dain escapes and makes his way to Memory Haven.

Episode 3:
Dain awakens in a bizarre and cruel trap. Him and each of his companions (minus Eli) are locked in a trap that connects their faces to a cage. The cage connects to a furnace from which rats are trying to escape. The adventurers help each other escape the trap by using small mirrors to help their neighbours escape. Jean’s Owl gives him the information he requires to escape. The adventures escape the trap to find Dain’s old associate Drado among the captured. A noblewoman named Julietta escapes as well, but her disinterest in helping her neighbour results in the death of Sandy.

The party learns they are the prisoners of a being that calls himself Anuteth. Though out their escape, he occasionally appears to taunt them from the shadows. Often, he offers secretly good advice but in a way that challenges the party. He seems to delight in their torment. They begin searching for their lost companion Eli and an escape. They travel through a series of rooms each rigged with different dangerous and sadistic traps. Trapped beneath a table filled with Rotten food, they discover the farm boy Barren. Soon after, they rescue Mitz the halfling and Robert the Mercenary from a bizarre trap that would rip the halfling in half and cause the mercenary to drown. Drado assists the party frequently while Julietta and Barren hide behind the others and avoid danger. Mitz reveals himself to be one of the town founders of Memory Haven and promises information to them if they can keep him alive. He reveals that he, Buroden and Kaelek are very aware of who Toben is and that Buroden and Kaelek are not heroes.

The party rescues two Vistani children in the next room. After several more traps, Mitz finds an opportunity to escape on his own, he leaves the group in haste accidentally setting off a trap that kills Robert. Aldreth and Drado manage to escape. In the following room, the party learns their is a traitor among them. After taking a break to recover and talking amongst themselves, Barren is eventually revealed as the traitor. After a brief scuffle, he is killed and the key to move onwards is retrieved from inside his stomach by Ailuna. To escape suspicion, Julietta is revealed to be a skilled thief who has been lying to protect herself. In the next chamber, she attempts to redeem herself but is killed by a set of bear traps hidden beneath shallow water.

In the next chamber, the party discovers a trap has already been set off – Mitz’s escape route cut through this room. As he dies in front of them, Mitz whispers to Eiklin that “Toben is many.” The party retrieves their weapons and equipment and continues on to the next room. Here they find Eli, trapped in a strange helmet that activates as an Iron Maiden. They solve the mystery of the drowned children, a riddle Anuteth has left them and Eli is freed.

They ascend a long staircase and are helped from the prison by the Vistani children’s uncle Gregori, who has been searching for his nephew and niece. As Gregori leads them back towards the Vistani encampment, Eli awakens and announces that he has remembered his past.

The Killing Moon

Flashback: Jean-Bastien’s frustration with his new mentor Fonkin reaches its limit. He learns surprisingly that the general landscape of the core lands has changed due to powerful beings meddling with a prophecy by the outcast Vistana prophet, Hyskosa.

In the present: The party stares at the carnage before them. The undead Balo surges into them, taking Imyel off her feet. The party springs into action with Jean Bastien and Ailuna striking at the undead Hammer while Eli yanks Balo off Imyel with a vine whip. After Dain and Aldreth strike serious blows and Imyel and Eiklin land a few more, the undead monstrosities are slain.

Jean and Ailuna go out and find help while Imyel helps the others relax and hold up. Eventually, they are joined by many of the town adventurers who investigate. The next day, the party joins a meeting to discuss where things stand. Buroden has contacted Kaelek, and Kaelek explains that the scouting party that went to Stripen found an empty town and only one survivor who apparently wouldn’t talk. They are sent to Drenwich to look into the warlock Ganol while Sevrale’s group is sent south to scout Lindentine’s lair. On their way out of town, the party crosses paths with a visiting delegation from Mordentshire. They meet famed monster hunter Rudolph Van Richten, Lord Jules Weathermay, ruler of Mordent, and the new leader of the Lamplighters Samuel Close, who asks the party to visit his group in Mordentshire to help train his recruits. He is creating a police force to deal with unnatural threats.

The party take the ferry with Sevrale’s group. They talk about meeting back at the Boghun Hound Inn on the way back and part ways. The party travels and eventually crosses the highway and delve into the lightless wood. Upon finding their way to Drenwich, they decide to skirt around the town and continue on to the Warlock’s tower. The Tower of Angles poses more than a few threats but the party makes their way upward. They discover a corpse and after investigation conclude that it is not the warlock. Further up, Eiklin discovers a recently written letter to Ganol’s daughter Jacquen who apparently is a student at the University of Dementlieu.

Shortly after, they run into the warlock himself, just as the nightly siege of the tower is beginning. They accompany the warlock to the highest level of the tower but the strange energy that powers the towers defences is destroyed when Ganol is overwhelmed. The party flees the collapsing tower, many taking wounds in the flight. They escape into the forest where they are attacked by a group of strange hunters. The party is captured.

PREVIEW: Fear comes to Memory Haven. Kaelek stalls for time when a delegation arrives. The party enters the killing fields.

Episode 5
Time is running out


Episode 6
End of the Beginning

In the final episode of Season 1, the party helps Memory Haven prepare for the assault of the legions of Toben.

Wolf Like Me

20 years ago, a group of elves travelling on a a distant world were surrounded in mysterious mists. They found themselves in a mysterious new place and under attack from terrible monsters. After many of their number perished, a group of powerful adventurers came to their aid. They were taken in by the town of Memory Haven. Three young wood elves, Aldreth, Ailuna and Eiklin were among those who survived. On the same night, a 1/2 elven girl named Imyel was born in Memory Haven. Her father was among those who saved the elves. After he went missing on an later adventure, the three elven youths helped her mother Lauren raise her.

In the present, Jean Bastien is studying in Buroden’s library when a visitor arrives. A mage named Geselnor tells Buroden that the world is changing and his party have been witness to the deaths of two darklords. He gives Buroden, the battered helmet once worn by Lord Soth, the undead ruler of Sithicus. Buroden reacts angrily; he believes the killings of darklords brings unwanted attention from the darker powers behind the mists. Geselnor leaves angrily but not before mentioning his party, including a bard, is at the Firelight Inn.

Jean is released from his studies and heads to the Inn. On the way he meets Varosh, who informs him somewhat mockingly that the bard is from Kartakass. At this point he is even more excited to give the information to his friend Imyel. He knows she is out at the Graveyard with their wood elf friends. At the gate he meets Beverly, Dain and Eli. Beverly encourages Dain to take up adventuring, he has been hiding out for long enough she believes. And there are enough recruits that Eli is not needed for guard duty. The two join Jean-Bastien and head to the graveyard.

At the graveyard, they find their four companions paying their respects to the many elves and heroes that died when they first arrived in the Mordent so many years ago. Before the two parties can join, they discover themselves surrounded by hundreds of birds. An eagle with a blood red beak seems to lead the birds into battle against the party. After the two groups eventually make their way to each other, they are able to drive off the eagle. The rest of the swarm of birds dissipates shortly after. The party heads back to town, Imyel leading, excited about the bard. They speak briefly to Beverly at the gate, she believes that the eagle is an animal companion belonging to the druid Staleese. She cannot explain why the bird would attack them.

The party heads to the Firelight Inn. There Imyel has already been watching the strange 1/2 Sithican bard Giller entrance the audience with his Ill-thanik Llloss-Klee, an instrument he claims to have found in mythical Bluetspur. The rest of Giller’s party is present as well, the mage Geselnor, the Iron Maiden Hethanna, Corbin, and the wolf Fredreich Harog is at the bar, and freaks out upon hear the strange music of Bluetspur. He moves to attack Giller, before Imyel can intervene, a strange series of events leads to Harog being knocked down and disarmed. Giller and co pass it off as an accident, Imyel believes otherwise. Jean Bastien leaves to find help for Harog. He finds Varosh unsympathetic and uninterested. Afterwards, he seeks out Beverly but before she can help, a wounded rider is spotted coming from the East. The rider barely makes it to Memory Haven but appears to bear many wounds, most obviously multiple arrow wounds. Beverely immediately attempts to heal the rider, a merchant named Balo. She is unsuccessful and sends Balo to find the priest Hammer.

The commotion outside draws out the folks inside the Inn. Eiklin linger behind a finds a wood carving of a wolf left by someone in Giller’s party. Strangely, the whittlings under the table would indicate it was carved right there although no one was seen doing that. Corbin mentions to Imyel that his party seeks to reverse a curse on one of their companions and are headed far north and east to Nuvuchar Springs to seek out Fonkin Turin.

The dying man sputters out he came from Stripen and his other faltering words lead the onlookers to think the threat may be headed to Memory Haven itself. Balo is taken away to the Church of Ezra for continued healing. Buroden announces he, Varosh, Lanya and several others will head to Stripen to investigate further.

After Buroden’s party leaves, Beverly introduces the party to Theson. Theson is headed north into the swamp to check on Staleese, Dremosh and the calibans. The party accompanies Theson and they travel through the forests and make their way to the swamp. Theson explains the history of the people living with Staleese. A peaceful hill giant named Dremosh and the town’s three calibans have lived with the druid for years, enjoying the solitude of the lonely Hearth – the ruined temple Staleese converted into their home.

After a battle in the swamp with a small group of grotesque lizard monsters, the party reached the Lonely Hearth. Theson, on the edge of unconsciousness, discovered Dremosh’s body before allowing the party to continue without him. They did continue and soon found the bodies of the calibans as well. All four had major wounds inflicted on them, but were so restricted and wrapped by vines it was impossible to tell what exactly killed them. The druid Staleese herself was gone – but the party found several interesting clues as well.

They returned to Memory Haven quite late. Beverly and Kaelek wanted to hear about their findings. Kaelek wanted to proclaim Staleese as an outlaw; the party convinced him to wait by pointing out several facts that contradicted the idea of Staleese being behind the deaths. Afterwards they headed towards the Church of Ezra only to discover Hammer had been murdered by an undead Balo. The church sanctuary was painted in blood reading Tobin. Balo and Hammer together attack the party.

PREVIEW: Memory Haven has visitors who bring news from the far south. A bard disturbs Harog, a mercenary dies, Buroden makes a decision. Beverly attempts to recruit new allies. A trip to the swamp.


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