"Most people consider the ring a cursed item. Wearing it has been the first time I've felt myself in my entire life."


Beverly is a Gold Elf. She is tall and quite muscular. She is never seen without her chainmail and greatsword. She is very confident and even aggressive at times. Her skin is a dark golden shade while her hair is in mohawk.


Beverly is a former adventurer and once a member of the “Five”. She is a gold elf native to a world called Faerun. She is pledged to the service of a god named Torm. She has learned with the aid of the Priest Hammer to accept other religions beside her own. She has become one of the main spiritual leaders of Memory Haven while also serving as the Commander of its defenses. She is still close friends with Theson and both try to help Harog when they can. Her relationship with Varosh and Lanya is frosty a best.


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