"I don't want to hurt. Hungry!"


Dremosh is one of the stranger foes The Five faced. A well-intentioned but intimidating Hill Giant, Dremosh came out of the mists one day outside Tumbledown. For many months, he hid himself from the locals, feeding on livestock and wild animals. Eventually, he was spotted and the villagers formed a posse to hunt him. After several disastrous encounters in which both townsfolk and Dremosh were grievously wounded, the Five were called on to help. They set a trap for Dremosh and after they had given him food, they discovered they could reason with the Hill Giant, contrary to Varosh’s expectations. Eventually, Dremosh was sent to live with Staleese at the Lonely Hearth. It turned out to be a wise decision as the Hill Giant now had food sources, and companionship from Staleese and three Calibans who had escaped slavery.

Recently, the party discovered Dremosh had been cruelly slain. While many suspect Staleese to be the killer, the party has gathered substantial evidence to indicate that things may not be as they seem.


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