Jaquen Tknarian

"You can't imagine the power at my fingertips."


Jaquen is a student at the university of Dementlieu studying Archaeology. She traveled back to Mordent seeking information regarding her father and found his estate destroyed. She later split ways with her former partner Louis and has remained in Memory Haven working as assistant to her former Professor, Augustin.


Jaquen’s father Ganol was a warlock living in a tower in the east of Mordent. Many years ago, he held the populace in terror after he gather an army of cultists and performed all manner of evil rituals. His efforts to summon a demon failed after being stopped by the group of heroes known as the “Five”. He initially swore vengeance, but eventually put his talents to use helping defend a nearby village. Since then he has maintained occasional contact with delegates from Memory Haven.

Jaquen Tknarian

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