"Yes, I manage to look after myself."


Theson was a dark skinned man with strange tattoes covering his head and neck. He is armless, yet in very good shape. He wore many layers of light clothing and a bit of leather amor over his chest and fights with his feet using a form of martial arts.

Theson doesn’t often talk about his handicap, but other members of the Five have mentioned that his arms had been taken long before he joined their party. Supposedly, it happened during a confrontation with an evil wizard in a land to the south called Hazlan. Theson can be grumpy and sarcastic at times, but is often one of the most well meaning and most wise people in the town. He serves in town in whatever way he can. Theson was quite devastated at the deaths of Dremosh and the Calibans.

Theson died while fighting Toben zombies in Buroden’s home. His armor was also destroyed, revealing his secret – a pair of small, twisted and useless arms he regularly concealed.


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