Attend the ball at Castle Sardonicus

After some visiting at the top of each hour, you will have an opportunity to explore the parts of Castle Sardonicus that Sir Phillip Cottonshore has made open to his guests. (and if you’re persistent maybe some that he hasn’t)

Besides remaining in the ballroom, there are several other rooms you can visit. You may be missed if you are away from the ballroom for too long, so please visit only one of these locations each hour.

The Ballroom – Costumed guests dance and swirl as a small orchestra performs from the balcony. Uniformed staff carry beverages and appetizers to the guests.

The Library – A staggering collection of book located from a hallway in the NE.

The Art Gallery – A great hall accessible to the north of the ballroom.

Star Observatory – A smaller room accessed from the second floor of the ballroom.

Games Room – A large room connected by hallway to the South East of Ballroom.

The Garden – A lush garden with several pathways outside the West Entrance. A great buffet table sits by the far wall.

Attend the ball at Castle Sardonicus

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