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Welcome to Buroden’s library! Master Buroden has recently left town, but his library is open to all residents of the town. It also serves as the main organizational base of the Adventurer’s guild. Sevrale is now officially organizing the guild.

Currently, there are three active adventuring parties:

Dragon’s Teeth: Gaston, Dmitri, Lolyana, Raoul
Diamond Knives: (Kryev, Nenidan, Ofutah, Eroro)
Unnamed group (consisting of Dain Loderr, Jean-Bastien de Montier, Eli and Sera Eldon.)

Preparations are being made in town for Jean-Bastien, Eli, Dain to leave soon in search of George Weathermay, Caleb and Dominic. In the meantime, Beverly has asked they continue adventuring in Mordent.

Active Quests:
Lindentine’s Rest
The Boghun Hound Cellar
The Drenwich Horror
The Wescote Curse

Fallen Defenders of Memory Haven in the Toben Crisis

General Inquiries

Here you can find information on a wide array of topics concerning Memory Haven, Mordent and other aspects of the campaign.

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Memory Haven, the village our characters start in, is located in the northern part of a land called Mordent. Mordent is a small country but is filled with many small towns and villages. There are many other sites of interest throughout the land as well.

Locations In Mordent:

Memory Haven
Blackburn Crossing
Boghun Hound Inn
Hope’s End
The Lonely Hearth
Tower Of Angles
Edgar Monastery

Mordent has plenty of neighbours. They also have interesting relationships with more distant domains like Lamordia and Falkovnia.



About Mordent

The Great Families
Treaty of Five Towers

Bardic Folklore, Popular tales and Musical Entertainment

Midnight Hunters
The Tale of the Headless Horseman
Baba Yaga
Godefry’s Mansion
Fall of the House of Wescote
The Hellbound Heart
The Necromancer and the maiden
The Old Oak Tree
Van Strouten and the Faerie Fire
Wind on the Moor
The River is Flowing, the Mists are Rising

Mordent has a long tradition of being home to heroes.
The Five
Order of the Staff
Rudolph Van Richten
George Weathermay

Simplified Timeline

712: Memory Haven is founded by four adventurers including Content Not Found: kaelek and Buroden.
722: A group of Elves arrive from offworld and are attacked by spectral reapers outside Memory Haven. Help arrives before all the elves are slain in the form of many of Memory Haven’s great heroes. The elves decide to stay in Memory Haven for the time being.
732: Eiklin leaves Memory Haven, sick of being told what to do by the older elves.
738 Dain Loderr escapes from a dwarven death camp in Falkovnia despite heavy wounds. After being hunted across the northern Core by a Falkovnian death squad, Dain is eventually given shelter in Memory Haven.
739: Fonkin Turen and his apprentices Vaarda and Jean-Bastien visit Memory Haven and stay for two weeks. Fonkin searches Buroden’s library but does not find what he is looking for and moves on shortly after. His apprentice stays behind to learn under Buroden.
741: Edgar Monastery burns to the ground. Theson and Aldreth barely escape with their lives. They and the other survivors return to Memory Haven.
742: A wounded half drow half human stumbles into town. He has absolutely no memory of who he is or where he came from.
742; Eiklin returns to Memory Haven after years of travelling.
742: The Campaign begins!

For some background info on the campaign a few brief pieces of fiction have been discovered as well. While none of these pieces are vital to understanding the events about to unfold in Memory Haven, they do each hold unique pieces of a bigger puzzle. The information here is currently unknown to the player characters. But that shouldn’t stop your enjoyment of the unfolding carnage.
Expanded Timeline of Memory Haven
The Elderith Saga
Tobin – Part 1
The End of the World – Part 1
Fall of Soth

Centos Journal
Intermission Season 2

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