The Library

The library is a lushly appointed room with large reading chairs and bright lamps. A chandelier hangs from the high ceiling. Huge shelves cover the rounded walls. The other exit appears to be a staff door near a far wall. You notice a drunken noble attempt the door and turn away disappointed. As you walk alongside the books, you notice they cover a wide variety of topics. Botany, Physiology, Zoology and more. Again, no luxury has been spared. You see several members of the nobility chatting in different corners of the room. You find your attention drawn to shelf against the back wall. As you approach, your eyes skim across the titles of a number of strange and esoteric ancient books.

Nearby, you see an especially lavish chair by a small table. An open book lies on the table, a series of diagrams and writings are scrawled across it. A loud boorish laugh echoes in the room as one of the nobles drunkenly makes his way back towards the ballroom. The entire group follows him out a moment later. It appears you have the library to yourself.

Examine the bookshelf
Roll Investigation.
Bookshelf Result: 1-14
Bookshelf Result: 15+

Examine the open book
Roll Investigation.
Result: 1-9
Result: 10-14
Result: 15+

Attempt to open the Staff only door.
As you approach the door, you notice it appears to offer no door handle and no lock to pick. It is a solid but featureless door. Smashing it down would attract undue attention. Undoubtedly, it opens only from the otherside. Nonetheless, there are still other things to examine. Visit the bookshelf or open book listed above.

The Library

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